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Students Connect with Spanish Antarctica Base

Virtual Field Trip and Talk with Scientists

Pointer View February 15, 2018
West Point NY | February 20, 2018

The West Point Elementary School was able to connect with the Spanish Antarctica Base (Gabriel de Castilla) Feb. 9. About 200 students and their teachers had the amazing experience of living a small part of the Antarctica exploration in real time. WPES students had the chance to learn some facts from the expedition members about the active volcano where the base is located, their lifestyle in the South Pole as well as some other information regarding the interesting scientific projects they are running. The expedition is mainly gathering information to protect the environment, detect earthquakes and life science research. The students prepared some posters to salute them and many of them were wearing penguin masks. After a short brief from the base commander, the students had the chance to ask any question they wanted to, including if the penguins were close to the base on that day. Whales, seals and penguins are the main fauna around the island and the kids were offered to adopt a penguin via internet at the link, a website from the Spanish DOD. Doing so, they can name one of them and receive a certificate with the picture of it. The Spanish Antarctica Base hosts scientific projects mainly coming from the European Union, but some other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom and the U.S. have had researchers there on regular basis. The base is run by the Spanish Army, but within the Antarctica Agreement. 

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