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West Point MS

Clubs & Activities

All after school clubs and activities will normally meet only on days that the school follows a full day schedule, NOT on early release days. There is no extra-curricular activity bus for students who participate in these activities.  Parents whose child frequently rides a bus must make transportation and/or other arrangements for the student to be picked up from school following the activity. Notification of these activities will be sent to the parent along with the day and time of the activity. In addition, due to unforeseen training, meetings, or teacher absences, an activity may be canceled without advanced notice. The sponsoring teacher will endeavor to notify students and parents of the canceled activity if time permits. If the activity is canceled at the last minute, students will be notified through the school intercom system at the end of the instructional day. 

Sponsors of clubs and extracurricular activities determine academic and behavioral (disciplinary) requirements that students must meet to participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities or to hold a leadership position in a curriculum-related club, team or student organization.

Click here for a list of SY 2017-18 clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Some of the extra-curricular activities that West Point Middle School offers include:

Coding Club
  • Eligibility: 5th-8th grade students
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mrs. Aversa
  • Meetings: After School
    Students will utilize higher order thinking skills to write computer programs

  • Eligibility: 5th and 6th grade students
  • Sports: Kickball, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Teacher/Sponsor: TBD
  • Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday, 1430 to 1530

Chess Club
  • Eligibility: 5th-8th graders and all ability levels
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mr. Dreher
  • Meetings: Once per week, on Thursdays from 1430 to 1525.
  • About: Chess club students play on boards and online at This website offers tutorials and game-situation challenges (to make the best move the 1st time). When 1/2 days happen on Thursdays, Chess Club will meet on Tuesday of the same week.

Media Art Club
  • Eligibility: 6th-8th grade students
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mr. Jacketti
  • Meetings: Tuesdays from 1430 to 1515, mid-October to mid-April

Garden Club
  • Eligibility: Grades 5-8
  • Sponsor: Mrs. Lamica
  • Meetings: Tuesdays from 1420 to 1500, Thursdays as needed during September, April, and May; no meetings December to February.
  • The students will help with all aspects of the garden including: planting, watering, weeding, composting, harvesting, and eating. We will prepare some garden to table recipes and do some art projects to enhance our garden. We will also plan and prepare for next year's garden.

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Reifenberg

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Prosperie

Other Clubs
  • Other clubs include: Yearbook, National Junior Honor Society, Robotics, Chess, Media Art, Multicultural, Homework, Ambassador, Speech/Debate, Historical Society, and J Corps