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White ES: About Our School

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The Edward A. White School staff is dedicated to providing a warm, stable school environment.   We are committed to the belief that we must offer appropriate educational opportunities for each child to ensure his optimum development.  

We continuously evaluate our programs in all subject areas and work together to maintain the best possible curriculum using educational practices suggested by accepted learning theories.  We are dedicated and committed to the process of accountability of programs and schedules dealing with balance among the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. 

The school population reflects most of the different cultures, races, religions, and languages of the world.   Due to the exceptional nature of the mobile military profession, unique demands are placed upon parents, teachers, and students. The staff believes in making every effort to assess each student's strengths, needs, and interests as quickly as possible.   This is necessary in order to provide a curriculum that will challenge each student to grow to the limits of his/her intellectual, personal, social-societal, and physical capacities.   We take into consideration individual differences, including rates of growth and maturity, when planning for each child.  

The community exerts a great influence on the lives of students, parents, and teachers.   It is our privilege to work with and supplement the home and community in providing experiences that will enrich the life of the child. We believe the home school, and community share the responsibility of providing an adequate foundation of attitudes and skills that will enable each child to develop to his optimum in a democratic society. The staff assumes responsibility for its part in guiding students to lead useful, happy, and productive lives as they face the many and varied challenges of the future.

Our Namesake

1st Lieutenant Edward A. White