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White ES

Clubs & Activities

News Production
  • Eligibility:  4th - 5th Graders
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mrs. C.
  • Meetings: Before School

Students present the daily news on a live broadcast every school morning. Teams are rotated on a regular basis. 

 White ES News Production White ES News Production 

White ES Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA)

  • Eligibility:  3rd - 5th Graders
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mrs. M.
  • Meetings: Mondays

Students represent the school in school-community activities



Safety Patrol
  • Eligibility:  4th - 5th Graders
  • Teacher/Sponsor: Mr. C.
  • Meetings:  Before and after school

Students help monitor the sidewalks and walking areas around the school before and after school hours. 

 Safety Patrol  Safety Patrol placing traffic cones  Safety Patrol directing car line