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Wiesbaden ES: Our Community

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Historical Facts

Hainerberg was opened in the early 1950's when the entire housing area was built. It was opened as a K-5 school and serviced all the children in the immediate housing area and all the students on the economy.

Hainerberg Elementary School used to be called Vandenberg Elementary School until the 1970's when the name of the school was changed. This happened when the Headquarters for USAF Europe left Wiesbaden and the U.S. Army took control of the military communities and housing areas. No reason was ever given for the change in name. The school was simply told its name was to be changed!

Living Overseas (Military Facilities)

Military recreational facilities include a bowling alley, gymnasium, a movie theater, tennis courts, Armed Forces Radio and Television. The Euro is the currency used on the economy, while military and government facilities use dollars. Full banking services are available through the Community Bank and Andrews Federal Credit Union. ATM's are available on base.

Teachers and Housing

Teachers are not eligible for government housing. Apartments and houses on the economy are available through commercial agencies. Electricity is 220 volts, 50 cycles. American appliances require a transformer, which can be purchased at post exchanges.


New or used vehicles may be purchased locally. Repair facilities are available for both American and foreign vehicles. Licensing and registration procedures are handled within the community.