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Our History

Before Wiesbaden had its own high school, students traveled by bus to Frankfurt to attend an American high school that had been established. In 1948, facilities were made available in a former German school building on Lahnstrasse to accommodate the Wiesbaden High School population of 56 students and nine faculty members. In 1949-50, the students and faculty chose to name their school General H. H. Arnold High School honoring a five-star general who held the position of General of the Army and General of the Air Force during and immediately after World War II. The school moved to its present location in January 1955. The new building was officially dedicated on 27 February 1955.

The student population has changed considerably over the years. In 1948, a single classroom was used for graduation. In 1955 and for the past several years, students have enjoyed the singular experience of the magnificent Kurhaus in downtown Wiesbaden as the venue for graduation ceremonies.

Since a peak population of 1,809 students during SY 1972-73, the average enrollment has continued to decline. In an interesting twist of fate, Frankfurt High School students joined Wiesbaden High School in 1995 as changing political events brought about the closing of the Frankfurt community. In the 2001-2002 school year, students from Bad Kreuznach joined the General H.H. Arnold High School family.

In 2006, General H. H. Arnold High School officially became Wiesbaden High School. Our high school is modeled closely after American high schools and takes great pride in its programs and services. Wiesbaden High School students have won numerous championships and awards in a wide variety of sports and academic competitions.

Construction for the new campus began in 2009 and was completed in several phases. From 2011 to 2014, the gymnasium, the multi-purpose building, and the specialized curriculum building were added to the existing school campus. In 2017 construction of the current building was completed, and Wiesbaden High School became the first 21st-century-designed high school in Department of Defense Education Activity-Europe.


Wiesbaden High School students and staff take pride in preserving our traditions, symbols and history.

The Warrior is a brave, competitive individual who takes pride in the environment and respects others. Just as the Indian warrior exemplifies bravery and sportsmanship in the hunt, the Wiesbaden Warrior is a true, proud individual in all undertakings. The colors that adorn the Wiesbaden Wwarrior are the blue of the sky and the gold at the end of the rainbow.

The school colors are royal blue and gold, adopted in 1948 from the city flag of Wiesbaden. It is our tradition to wear school colors on Fridays and important game days.

The senior class has always assumed responsibility for the protection of our mystic, mosaic symbol, the "Old Warrior," which was donated by the student council of 1957-1958. When the crest is walked upon, the "Old Warrior" is said to groan and turn in his grave just as he does when our Warriors come home in defeat from competition.

Homecoming is traditionally observed by students and staff in much the same way as many schools in the US. Past graduates often participate in homecoming activities, which typically include a football game, dance and a week of spirit activities. Each club and class traditionally takes responsibility for a homecoming activity.

Alma Mater

"High about the bustling city,
Like a gem most rare,
Shines our Noble Alma Mater
Wiesbaden High, all hail.
Hail, all hail dear Alma Mater.
Green thy memories be.
By a bond of happy hours
Are we bound to thee"

Written in 1954 by Miss Dorothy Maffeo, a former social studies teacher.

  • School colors: Blue and Gold
  • Mascot: The Warrior
  • School Motto: You're Entering Warrior Territory
  • Namesake: Wiesbaden HS was formerly General. H.H. Arnold HS
    In 1949-50, the students and faculty chose to name their school General H.H. Arnold High School after a five-star general who held the position of General of the Army and General of the Air Force during and immediately after World War II.
  • Grades served: 9th – 12th
  • School Profile ...


School Profile Information

Wiesbaden High School is a Department of Defense Dependents School of approximately 500 students, grades 9-12, accredited by AdvancEd. In 2017-18, Wiesbaden High School was fully accredited. The high school is located near a military post in Wiesbaden, Germany. The student body is a diverse cross section of American students from many different parts of the United States. Students come from the Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Mainz, and Darmstadt areas. Community members consist of armed services personnel and civilians assigned to the command and it's various support groups.


To be among the World's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live. 


Wiesbaden High School offers a comprehensive education program including Advanced Placement, Honors, General, Vocational Education, Distance Education and Army JROTC programs. Integrated honors courses are offered in English and World History at the 9th and 10th grade levels. Advanced Placement courses are offered in the following subjects: AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language & Composition, AP English Literature & Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP German, AP Music Theory, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Seminar, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP US Government & Politics, AP World History, and AP US History. Some Advanced Placement courses are rotated based on student interest and master schedule development.

Grading System:

Grade reports are distributed quarterly. Only semester grades appear on students' permanent transcripts. All courses are included in the students' GPA. The DoDEA grading system is: A= 90-100%; B= 80-89%; C= 70-79%; D= 60-69%; F= below 60%. (Beginning in SY 2004-05, DoDEA implemented a practice that does not weight honors classes and does not assign a weighted grade when computing GPA on incoming transcripts from previous schools. DoDEA does not change any letter grade on any transcript. AP and second year higher level IB classes do carry a weighted grade if the student has taken the AP or IB exam for that class.)


The school year is divided into four 9-10 week grading periods, with two semesters. Our school uses a modified block schedule. Students take seven courses plus a seminar period.

Class Rank:

Senior Class Rank is based on semester grades in all subjects, weighted by giving all Advanced Placement courses one extra point. Senior rank is determined after six semesters (at the end of the junior year) and officially after seven semesters and eight semesters

Honors Diploma:

Honors Diploma Criteria include: (a) A student must earn unweighted passing course grades and take the requisite exams in a minimum of four Advanced Placement (AP) courses. (b) Cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Additional Requirements starting with the Class of 2019:

(c) Completion of math course code 600 or above (i.e. AP Calculus; AP Statistics). (d) 0.5 credit in Economic Literacy in CTE, Social Studies, Science or Mathematics.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Language Arts - 4 credits
  • Mathematics - 4 credits
  • Science - 3 credits
  • Social Studies - 3 credits including 1.0 United States History and 0.5 Government credit
  • Physical Education - 1.5 credit
  • Career and Technical Ed - 1.5 credit
  • Fine Arts - 1 credit
  • Health - .5 credit
  • Computer Science - .5 credit
  • Foreign Language - 2 credits in the same language
  • Electives - 5 credits
  • Total - 26 credits (Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above to graduate from DoDEA)