Department of Defense Education Activity

PCS Information

If a student is leaving before the end of the school year, please notify the main office and bring a copy of the PCS orders to the school at least two weeks in advance of the student's last day of attendance. On the student's last day of school, he/she will be responsible for clearing classes. This includes returning all books to each classroom and the media center. The student will receive the current grade he/she has earned thus far in his/her classes. Students will not be allowed to attend school after they have cleared their classes.

YKHS Accelerated Withdrawal Policy:

Students with PCS orders may withdraw from school 20 days prior to the last day of school with credit. The last date to apply for early withdrawal with full credit is 20 days prior to the student's last day of attendance. The following is required to withdraw early:

Step 1: An Acceleration Program application should be filled out at least four weeks (30 days) prior to the actual clearance date whenever possible. The acceleration application is to be returned to the registrar with a copy of the PCS orders.

Step 2: Teachers are responsible for preparing assignments for accelerated withdrawal and communicating course requirements with parents and students. The work must be completed before the last day attended for full credit.

Step 3: On the student's last day, he/she will be responsible for clearing classes (returning all books to each classroom and the media center) and will receive a FINAL grade on the clearance form. If appropriate, a statement of promotion will be provided.


School Liaison/Transition Services focus is to assist family members in being advocates for their children's education and in dealing. with unique problems facing military children (PCS moves, varying school-to-school academic curriculum and schedules, varying graduation and records transfer requirements), and other major issues such as Installation-School-Community Partnerships, and Home Schooling. School Liaison/Transition Services helps connect Families, Schools and Communities.

Complete list of School Liaison Officers (SLO's) in the Pacific Area

YOKOTA School Liaison Officer (SLO)

Mr. Stu Lum
School Liaison Officer
DSN 225-8001

School Level PCS Checklist

Make sure you bring the following with you on person when you PCS.

  • Immunization record
  • Passport
  • Copy/official transcript
  • Copy of IEP if applicable
  • Copy of withdrawal grade with grading system from previous school
  • Copy of standardized test score if applicable
  • Copy of current school schedule (HS students)