Department of Defense Education Activity


In keeping with the DoDEA mission to provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all our students for success in a dynamic, global environment, the DoDEA Curriculum Content Standards and the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) provide the framework for academic excellence. Our curriculum translates the standards in to a sequenced series of statements about what students will learn through their school experiences.

Mid Level Concept

Middle level educators are committed to the success and well-being of their students and share this belief with colleagues, parents, community members, and policy-makers. As a middle level educators, the teachers of Yokota Middle recognize that the years of early adolescence are pivotal and abound with individual potential and opportunity. Therefore, the teachers of Yokota Middle care for these students personally, listen to their voices, respect their concerns, and engage them in meaningful educational experiences that will prepare them for a promising future.

The Educators of Yokota Middle School believe that every young adolescent:

  • Has the capacity to learn, grow, and develop into a knowledgeable, reflective, caring, ethical, and contributing citizen.
  • Must have access to the very best programs and practices a school can offer.
  • Must be engaged in learning that is relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory.
  • Thrives academically, socially, and emotionally in a democratic learning environment where trust and respect are paramount and where family and community are actively involved.
  • Faces significant life choices and needs support in making wise and healthy decisions.
  • Deserves educators who are prepared to work with this age group, who are themselves lifelong learners and committed to their own ongoing professional development and growth.

The faculty and staff of Yokota Middle School proudly dedicates our school to becoming the best middle school it can be and are active advocates for all young adolescents.

For information about DoDEA educational programs, visit DoDEA's Curriculum page.

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