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ZAHS Special Education

SPED Curriculum

Relocation information

For more information on the DoDEA SPED program as well as resources and publications for parents please visit the DoDEA HQ SPED site.

ZAHS Specific Information

ZAHS has several programs within Special Education to meet the needs of our students:

Case Study Committee (CSC)

The CSC coordinates all special education services within the school. The authority for establishing this committee is contained in DS Regulation 2500.12, which is derived from DS 1342.12 and from Public Law 94-142. A teacher or parent may refer students to the CSC. Under project "Child Find", the CSC actively tries to locate any child in the community in need of special education.

Child Find

Child Find is an on-going, cooperative effort involving school staff, local base units, military organizations, and parenting groups. DoDEA Child Find is the process to seek, screen, and identify children (from three to 21 years of age) who may have a disability and be in need of special education services.

DoDEA Curriculum

Find out more about each area of Curriculum on the DoDEA Headquarters website:

DoDEA Curriculum Programs

Find out more about the different programs offered in DoDEA's curriculum on our Headquarter's website: