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Accelerated Withdrawal

Accelerated Withdrawal Page

Students who meet their teacher's course requirements for passing and who are being transferred to the United States, or any other duty assignment, within one month prior to the end of a semester may be given advance additional assignments to cover that month's work in each subject. Upon completing the acceleration program successfully, the student will be given a semester grade and credit.

A request must be made prior to the student's last day of school. The request must be accompanied by PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders and the principal must approve the request before the student can begin the acceleration. This will allow the student time to get with his or her teachers to determine what work will need to be completed to allow for credit to be granted.

Please keep the following in mind as you consider Accelerated Withdrawal:

  • Acceleration is not easy for any student and can have a negative effect on a student's grades.
  • Acceleration is only for PCS purposes; it is not to be used for the purpose of extending summer vacation.
  • The fewer school days a PCSing student misses, the easier the transition will be.
  • Official PCS orders are required at the time the application is submitted.
  • The earliest date students can accelerate their withdrawal is 20 academic days before the school year or semester ends.
  • Students must attend all day long on the first day of Accelerated Withdrawal.
  • The school records will be ready on the last day after 2:30 pm.

Please contact the Guidance Office for more information!