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Sports and Eligibility Requirements

At Zama Middle-High School, we emphasize the "student" in our student athletes. For athletic participation, certain academic and health eligibility requirements must be met before a student can begin practice or play. Eligibility is critical because the team will forfeit any games in which an ineligible player participates. Contact the main office for more information about sports eligibility requirements.


Other eligibility requirements are outlined in the Student/Parent handbook (see leftside menu for link) and should also be read.

Other Requirements

Sports Physical: A student must pass a pre-sport physical exam. A physical examination form signed by a physician and a parental release must be on file at the office BEFORE tryouts, practice, or competitions.  For more information, see the school nurse and/or refer to the form linked on the right side of this web page.

Medical Power-of-Attorney: A valid medical Power-of-Attorney (POA) must be obtained from the parent's supporting command's Judge Advocate General's office. After executing the POA, it must be provided to the Zama Middle-High School Activities Coordinator. The duration of the POA must at a minimum include the entire activity season. However, because students often participate in more than one event during the year, parents are strongly encouraged to execute the POA for no less than the entire academic year. This will help the parent avoid the annoyance of having to renew an expired POA before the school year ends.

Grade / GPA standards: A student will be considered academically ineligible if his/her grades from the previous Wednesday at 8:00 AM contain more than one “F” OR the grade point average is not at least 2.0. Eligibility will be checked each Wednesday of the activity season to determine eligibility for the following week. Ineligible students do participate in practice sessions; however, they are not allowed to play during the week they are ineligible. IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for ensuring that their grades and/or GPA are within standards PRIOR to the end of each eligibility period. Questions concerning grades, as they affect eligibility, should be addressed to the student's teacher first. To access up-to-date grades online, as entered by teachers, students and parents should login to either the Student GradeSpeed or Parent GradeSpeed portal.

Athletic Contract: All students and parents must read, sign, and provide a completed Athletic Contract to the Zama High School Activities coordinator. 


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