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Registration open for DoDDS Reunion

Registration is now open for the 32nd annual DoDDS Reunion.

Who We Are...A little about ourselves

Since 1946, educators have travelled to various overseas locations to provide education for the children of U. S. military families stationed there. We are that group of teachers, administrators, and support staff who taught in American schools all over the world. Our umbrella encompasses those who have retired from or are still working in the DODEA system, formerly known as DoDDS. We have worked with these families, mostly on military bases, to educate their children. We vigorously tried to bring quality education to those stationed far and wide while we adapted to all kinds of situations ourselves: climates, cultures, customs, and facilities.... tents, Quonset huts, remodeled barracks, housing basements, portables, and yes, even beautiful brand new school buildings. Our goal was to be ready when our students eagerly arrived for that first day of school. We offered a piece of home in support of our military and civilian families serving the United States of America.  Each year we gather to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of our special DODEA/DoDDS/DDESS colleagues. While the venue moves to a different U. S. location each year, the genuine laughter and sense of family never changes.


The DoDDS Reunion website has a page which lists the contact person for any state, city, or area DoDDS activity open to folks in that particular area which we know about. For instance, we have a Colorado reunion twice a year and a Colorado Springs reunion as well.  If your area has (or would like to start) a local connection, we would like to publish your contact person’s information on our website. Our hope is that we can facilitate folks getting in touch with each other within their local area. Please send the information for the contact person and the location your group encompasses to and we will get it on our website.

You can find more alumni information and reunions on the DoDEA webpage.

The Many Places of DoDEA Video

This video is a whirlwind tour of the places DoDEA has had schools over it's long history.


15-19 July 2020

Omaha, Nebraska

DoDDS Reunion Website

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