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Yearbooks and Memories

School yearbooks reflect the events and lives of students and adults involved with a school for a given school year.  They capture moments, memories, events, and faces that are frozen in time.  They help people associated with our schools to recall the DoDEA experiences that often had a lasting and profound impact on their lives.

AOSHS On-line Yearbook Project

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS), has a project underway to scan and digitize yearbooks for our schools, past and present.  It is a project that will help preserve and recall those memories for many years to come. 

AOSHS Online Yearbook Collection

AOSHS is working to catalog a complete collection of yearbooks from every school.  AOSHS will digitize your yearbook and will return your yearbook(s) with the utmost care in a timely manner.  DoDEA Administrative Instruction 4160.1, "Disposal of Department of Defense Dependents Schools Memorabilia," allows school personnel to ship the yearbook(s) (and other memorabilia) to AOSHS at government expense.

AOSHS Point of Contact for this project:

Mr. Doug Kelsey

American Overseas Schools Historical Society
704 W Douglas Ave
Wichita KS 67203 USA
Phone: 316-265-6837

DoDEA is proud to partner with AOSHS to provide searchable online yearbooks.  The efforts to collect, record, and preserve the unique history of educating American military-connected children will enhance public knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the contributions to military families made by DoDEA employees and their students.  The Yearbook Project will help us immensely in that regard, enabling the wider DODEA community to have virtual access to materials in the archives.

AOSHS Yearbook Initiative