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The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) provides searchable online yearbooks for American overseas school alumni. Their online yearbook database includes overseas schools from all over the world in a convenient, searchable format organized by each school’s country and city.

Through AOSHS’s yearbook archives, past overseas schools’ students, BRATs, and educators from all over the world can find old classmates and teachers to relive their overseas school glory days.

AOSHS Online Yearbook Collection

If you or a family member attended a DoDDS, DDESS, DoDEA, or other American overseas school since 1946, please consider loaning or donating it to AOSHS for its collection.

AOSHS will digitize your yearbook and share it with the public through its web site. If just loaning, AOSHS will return your yearbook with the utmost care after 3 weeks.

List of Missing and Archived High School Yearbooks

To submit your yearbook and obtain additional information please contact the AOSHS  via their website.

AOSHS Yearbook Initiative