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  • This is the fourth study conducted to examine DoDEA schools in CONUS. This study will consider the plausible range of options for meeting the educational needs of military dependents on the 15 installations where CONUS DDESS schools operate, as well as the Special Arrangements programs.

  • The study will also consider the associated costs of options that are identified. It will examine the current state of operations and take into account changes that have taken place in the educational world, the Department of Defense operating environment, world events, and legislative and educational policies that have been implemented over the past ten years since the previous study was conducted.

  • Factors for consideration include:
    • Examination of practices and programs that directly relate to the classroom.
    • Education initiatives implemented by the states and DoDEA.
    • Impact of protracted military operations/war on students, families, schools and military communities.

  • Sequestration is not the basis for this study. While Sequestration has mandated reductions in budget accounts that are not exempted by law, budgetary uncertainties have required all Federal Agencies, to include the Department of Defense (DoD), to identify ways to generate savings. For DoDEA, this means identifying and realizing savings that do not detract from the quality of education that is so important to the quality of life for those families we serve.