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College and Career Ready Standards

For DoDEA students, the implementation of college and career ready (CCR) standards in multiple content areas sets a foundation for even greater student success and growth. The CCR standards establish grade-by-grade learning expectations for students in grades K-12. This supports a cohesive education for the highly-mobile military-connected student. For more information about the content standards, please read the standards located on the left side of this page.

DoDEA has used education standards for more than 15 years. We began updating our content subject standards, beginning in school year 2015-2016 to align with to the expectations for College and Career Ready high school graduates nationwide. The DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards establish clear, consistent and high learning goals and are more focused on preparing students for success in college and career. As our extremely mobile students move into, out of, and around our school system, the continuity of standards presents an extraordinary opportunity for academic development. No matter where or when they move, our students will know that the standards and expectations have not changed.

College and career ready standards are designed to be relevant to the real world, allow students to master more critical-thinking and unique problem-solving skills, and to reflect the knowledge, skills and social foundations that our students need for success in both college and work.