Department of Defense Education Activity

ARAF05E: Intermediate Art: 3 Dimensional Art S M (2022)

Intermediate Art: 3-Dimensional Art (semester) Middle School course offers middle school students the opportunity to create three-dimensional works of art based on the DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards Arts, CCRSA (National Core Art Standards, NCAS). Students will acquire a broad knowledge of basic sculpting techniques using the additive, subtractive, modeling, and molding methods while applying the elements and principles of design to 3-D works of art. This course will develop students' understanding of organic and geometric forms, as well as the functional and expressive qualities of creating 3-D artwork using various materials, tools, and equipment. The attributes of three-dimensional pieces located in both architectural surroundings and natural outdoor spaces will be explored. Students must have completed the prerequisite Beginning Art: Fundamentals of Art to enroll in this course. This course requires teacher permission and may require a portfolio.