Department of Defense Education Activity

HLH301: Health Ed (2022)

The Health Education (semester) course is designed to help high school students extend their conceptualization of health knowledge and practice of health literacy skills, related to their health and the health of others. The focus is on students dealing with the world today and preparing for adult living based on skills for healthful decision making; concepts of personal hygiene and health promotion; knowledge of safe practices to prevent and injury and illness; concepts of nutrition and physical activity; mental health promotion and prevention strategies; and understanding the harmful effects and consequences of illicit substance use. Students apply health literacy skills, e.g., practicing interpersonal communications that promote health; analyzing positive and negative as well as internal and external influences on health decisions; and demonstrating safe self-care practices in managing personal health and planning actions on behalf of others. Students conceptualize health knowledge related to issues of young people and practice applying health literacy skills.

Course Note: This course satisfies the Health Education (.50 credits) graduation requirement.