Department of Defense Education Activity

LAA604: ESOL for LTELLs (2022)

In addition to the ESOL instructional program, some schools may need to implement support models for Long-Term English Language Learners (LTELLs). LTELLs are defined students that have been classified as ELL 6 years or more and that are not making adequate progress in their English language proficiency. The course must provide an extra layer of English language development (ELD) support in an effort to help LTELLs progress in learning content and English to meet rigorous standards. Students would register for this course using their ESOL Level (ESOL 1, ESOL 2, ESOL 3). The course should be designed to expand students’ academic and language learning strategies through a focus on motivating topics. Ideas include journalism, theater, psychology, linguistics, college writing, debate, ethnic studies, project-based learning, hands-on investigations, and other contemporary topics and methods that motivate and strengthen students’ sense of self-efficacy and expressive capacity. This course can also support LTELLs who also have an IEP or a 504 Plan.

Course Note: This course satisfies the Elective (1 of 5 credits) graduation requirement. This course is repeatable.