Department of Defense Education Activity

MUV304: Intermediate Chorus (2022)

Intermediate Chorus is aligned DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards Arts, CCRSA (National Core Art Standards, NCAS). Intermediate Chorus (year-long) course is designed to acquaint students with intermediate to advanced choir music and skills which include, but will not be limited to, the following content: intermediate to advanced level sight-reading skills; discrimination of pitch; absolute essentials for playing in tune; intermediate to advanced rhythm concepts and patterns; techniques for achieving the essentials of unity, balance, and contrast in performing choral music; the study of all major and minor scales; the opportunity of performing a variety of musical repertoire; and listening skills development.

Course Note: Enrollment in this course requires teacher permission, audition may be required. This course satisfies the Fine Arts (1 credit) graduation requirement. Repeatable Course - Subsequent Enrollment Requires More Rigor.