Department of Defense Education Activity

SES333: Focus Soc/Leisure - 3hr (2022)

The Focus Social/Leisure (year-long) course for students in Grades 9-12 with disabilities. The Focus Social/Leisure course is designed to develop a repertoire of developmentally appropriate social and leisure activities the student can engage in both individually and in a group. It provides students with direct instruction in specific social skills, such as greeting another person, listening, responding to questions, maintaining eye contact so as to utilize social skills in the learning and social situation. It then expands these social skills into social leisure activities. It introduces the student to leisure activities and reinforces such practices as, sharing, taking turns, physical self-control, personal safety. The student is expected to learn and practice appropriate behaviors in changing environments, in effective communication, and in positive relationships, all contributing to a positive self-image.

Course Note: This course is for three hour periods.