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SSZ693: IB Theory Knowl. 2 (2022)

This course is required for all IB Diploma students and may be taken as an elective for American Diploma students. The course is designed to examine the origins and validity of various forms of knowledge. At the center of this examination is the individual “knower” around whom swirls a complex combination of emotion, reason, language, and sense perception, all of which affect what it is and how it is individuals “know”. Equally instrumental in guiding what it is and how it is we “know” are the various areas of knowledge that students have been subjected to, including: natural sciences, human sciences, history, the arts, mathematics, and ethics. It is through the consideration of all of these interrelated systems that the student will be able to do three things: unify what it is the student has learned in previous course work by comparing knowledge claims across disciplines, develop an awareness of bias and prejudice in the knowledge processes, and critically analyze how it is the individual student has come to acquire knowledge and what problems various forms of knowledge present. Students will share their understanding with a formal presentation and TOK essay.