Department of Defense Education Activity

ARA302S: Art Appreciation S (2022)

The Art Appreciation (semester) course provides students with opportunities to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of art and become familiar with prominent artists, their stylistic characteristics and the significance of their works of art in the context of the times in which they lived and worked. Students will be introduced to visual art forms such as drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, architecture, and film and the use of varied media, techniques and processes by which the artworks were created. The course focuses on student's ability to identify and analyze a work of art in terms of formal elements and principles of design, placing it in historical, social, and cultural context. Other developmental skills include the ability to discuss art, understand the process by which an artwork was made, and evaluate the impact of societal conditions on the production of artwork will be developed through hands-on activities, discussion, research, and writing assignments.

Course Note: This course satisfies the Fine Arts (.5 of the 1 credit) graduation requirement.