Department of Defense Education Activity

SSW3050T: Global Studies: Ancient - 1750 CE (2023)

The online Global Studies: Ancient - 1750 CE (year long) course engages students in the study of the world from 10,000 BCE to 1750 CE. Students will investigate, compare and contrast arguments supporting and criticizing globalization; the tensions and conflicts between different cultures from ancient civilization to the Age of Exploration and Encounters; and the impact of technology, trade and conflict in shifting relations through time. Students will explore the competition for power and ideological differences between various groups from early civilizations to the emergence of modern world. Students will specifically investigate first civilization, globalization in the ancient and medieval world, the Ottoman and Ming dynasties, the transformation of Western Europe and Russia, Africa and the Americas (pre-1600), and exploration and encounters to 1750 CE.

Course Note: This course satisfies the World History (1 credit) graduation requirement.