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All About Daegu, Korea

Things to Do

There are many great shopping areas in Daegu. You can go downtown and buy almost anything. Shopping off base is as near as Pong-duk Market by Camp Henry. Since the exchange rate is pretty good right now, you can get great deals.

Not only can you shop in Daegu, but you can go to Osan, Busan, or Seoul. You can purchase train tickets at the ticket office on Camp Henry. It will take approximately 1 hour to get to Busan, 3 to get to Osan, and 3 1/2 to get to Seoul. The recreational center located on Camp Walker occasionally offers a shopping tour to Osan or Seoul. Many families stay the weekend in Seoul and Osan, as the shopping is located right outside the gates and is fabulous.

There are many places to go and things to do downtown. You can get downtown by taxi, bus, or subway. Once there, things to check out are McDonald's, Tower Records and the clothing stores. There are also arcades, karaoke places, coffee houses, restaurants and video & computer establishments.

Woobang Tower Land- Daegu

Making Money
Earning money is definitely important to most teens. During the school year the main two options are baby-sitting and the Commissary bagging program. The best opportunity during summer vacation is the summer hire program.

Visiting Seoul
Seoul is the capital and the largest city in Korea. It also has the biggest army base. Yongsan is probably one of the best places to visit in Korea. It has a very nice five-star hotel on base called the Dragon Hill Lodge. It has a nice pool and little shopping area. Yongsan has many fast food restaurants which will sound familiar to you - Burger King, Popeye's and Taco Bell. About 5 minutes from Yongsan is a very nice shopping area called Itaewon. It is famous for its large shopping area.

Vacation in Cheju-do
A wonderful vacation option is the island of Cheju-do. It is a short 45 minute flight from the local Daegu airport. Cheju-do offers clean beaches and historical sights. There are many waterfalls, botanical gardens, and folk villages. You can climb a mountain, go horseback riding, or take a ride in a submarine. There is a unique stone on the island that is used for making fences, constructing homes and is even carved into little statues for tourists to buy. The views along the cliffs are breathtaking.

DMZ Tour
The DMZ is the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea. The DMZ/Panmunjum Tour is open to anyone 13 and older. On the tour, you will visit a Korean War museum and look right into Communist North Korea. Everyone should go on this tour and get a glimpse of Korean history and culture.

Busan Beach
Busan Beach is a one hour train ride from Daegu. You can rent jet skis and banana boats. It's a beautiful place to escape for a day's excursion.

Apsan is a mountain located in Daegu, right behind Camp Walker. You can hike up the mountain, or go for a ride up the cable car. There is an amusement park at the base of the mountain. Here are a few shots of the sights found on the mountain.

Woo Bang Land
Woo Bang Land is another amusement park located in Daegu. It has roller coasters and other rides just like the parks in the states. Every Friday night they have a fireworks show.

Children's Hall
A great place to visit is the Children's Hall. It is about a 15-minute drive from the bases. It has different exhibits on each floor. The first floor has the "World of Mirrors and Prisms and the "World of Insects," while the second has displays about energy and computers. The third floor has human evolution, a library, small theater and games. The fourth floor exhibition is of seashells and stuffed animals & birds. Outside there are two trains and three planes that children can play on. It is a really fun place to go.

Ice Skating
There is an ice skating rink in Daegu. It is nice but really cold so you have to bring a sweater, even in the summer.

Like most everywhere else, you can join Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. There is even a Girl Scout Hut and a Boy Scout Hut. It is really nice for meetings. They have a lot of activities and you can receive lots of patches.

Camp Walker has an indoor and outdoor pool. The indoor pool is open year round. The building covering the pool is see-through, like a green house, and has a window on top and on the sides that they can open if the weather is good. The outdoor pool has a slide and a diving board. There is also a children's pool.