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Lakenheath High School (HE1601)

Year Grade Number of Students Reading Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
2004 9 204 74 %ile 68 %ile 70 %ile 69 %ile 65 %ile
2004 10 176 75 %ile 78 %ile 73 %ile 72 %ile 70 %ile
2004 11 137 76 %ile 72 %ile 66 %ile 67 %ile 73 %ile

The TerraNova 2nd Edition is the latest version of the standardized test which is published by CTB/McGraw-Hill. The 2002 test year was the first administration of the test's new items which had been normed to a very inclusive national sample of students. Therefore results cannot be validly compared to the standardized test results prior to 2002, which serves as the baseline for comparison with results from future test administrations.

All TerraNova scores are reported in percentiles - not percentages. A percentile is a measure of comparison that ranks one score against the scores of all other test takers. For example, a 75 percentile score means that 75 percent of all other test takers nationally scored below and 25 percent scored above that score. The national average is always the 50%ile.

Note: Comparison of district data from year to year may not be valid due to redistricting of schools.