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Bowley Elementary School (HENCB3)

Year Grade Number of Students Reading Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
2001 3 71 70 %ile 61 %ile 70 %ile 69 %ile 62 %ile
2001 4 63 79 %ile 82 %ile 91 %ile 95 %ile 85 %ile

TerraNova is a standardized test published by the CTB Corporation. It is administered annually to DoDEA students in grades 3-11.

All TerraNova scores are reported in percentiles - not percentages. A percentile is a measure of comparison that ranks one score against the scores of all other test takers. For example, a 75 percentile score means that 75 percent of all other test takers nationally scored below and 25 percent scored above that score. The national average is always the 50%ile.

Note: Comparison of district data from year to year may not be valid due to redistricting of schools.