Department of Defense Education Activity

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Director and Chief of Staff visit Rock Island Arsenal

Mr. Thomas Brady, Tier 3 SES and DoDEA Director, and Mr. Jay Burcham, DoDEA Chief of Staff, visited Rock Island Arsenal August 28-29, 2019. The primary goal of their visit was to address the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), North Central Region employees who service approximately 15,000 DoDEA employees. These services include staffing and recruitment, processing, automation, foreign entitlements, travel orders and benefits for employees stationed both stateside and around the world. CHRA assumed the DoDEA mission in July 2018 and has acquired authorizations for 135 new hires dedicated to that mission on Rock Island Arsenal over the past year.

Mr. Brady and Mr. Burcham met with CHRA Senior Leaders to discuss the first year in review and collaborate on best practices for the mission moving forward. Mr. Brady and Mr. Burcham both noted their fascination with the talent and efforts that CHRA NC Region has put towards innovative custom automation tools, streamlined communications spanning various time zones, and the establishment of clear operating procedures for the evolving workload. Mr. Brady facilitated a town hall for all CHRA NC Region employees who service DoDEA where he expressed his gratitude for their steadfast efforts and demonstrated the pertinence of their mission in the lives of Department of Defense children and families worldwide.

Mr. Brady’s attendance was acknowledged at the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) Change of Command Ceremony on August 29, 2019. He and Mr. Burcham also participated in a Rock Island Arsenal installation wide tour facilitated by the ASC Historians Office during their visit.

DoDEA operates 163 schools in 8 Districts located in 11 countries, 7 states, and 2 territories across 10 time zones. There are 996,069 military connected children of all ages worldwide, of which more than 70,000 (11.5%) are enrolled in DoDEA schools and served by approximately 8,700 educators. All schools within DoDEA are fully accredited by U.S. accreditation agencies.

POC: Heather Tahja; 309-782-5239