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DoDEA "MyData Button" Initiative

I am pleased to announce the launch of the DoDEA "MyData Button" Initiative. This initiative provides parents with a web-based "button" linked to the Aspen Student Information System Parent Portal by School Year (SY) 2012-2013.

The portal will provide families with access to their child's electronic academic records, such as transcripts and student performance data, and will include a simple download capability which provides access to their children's school information in a common, interoperable format, at any time and any place.

Providing parents with this access will allow them to better plan for and manage their children's educational needs, particularly during school transitions. This project is a reflection of our belief that providing parents access to their children's educational information contributes to better engagement in school matters, and ultimately, better educational outcomes for students.

Realizing this concept, which will begin in SY 2012-2013, will require a coordinated team effort throughout DoDEA's Educational and Technology communities. That being said, for the most part this initiative will require no action by schools, districts, or areas. However, the renewed focus on data quality will require a greater attention to data entry and quality assurance at the school level.

DoDEA will follow up with guidance for these areas to ensure that the data we are providing to parents from the Student Information System and other data repositories are secure, clean, and comprehensive. We'll provide additional information as we proceed with this value added capability for our students and families.