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Ramey Unit School Hosted 1st West Coast Math Circle

Mr. Timothy Proskauer
Ramey-Aguadilla,Puerto Rico | October 24, 2018

On Wednesday October 24 Ramey hosted the first meeting of the West Coast Math Circle. At the meeting Dr. Luis Cáceres from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez gave a one hour presentation called: “Mathematics- Solving Problems and Opening Doors.” An audience of 45 students, parents, and guests from Ramey and other areas schools attended in the Ramey Media Center.

What is a math circle? Math circles were an idea that started in Eastern Europe in places like Romania, Russia, and the Ukraine. Math circles are informal meetings that bring together university professors and secondary students. The goal is to allow the professors to share interesting topics that the students might never see in their regular classes, and to build a community of learners who enjoy the fascinating ideas of mathematics. Math Circles provide a relatively easy entry point for mathematicians to engage with middle school and high school students in mathematically meaningful ways. The idea worked so well that it was later adopted in the United States and today there are over 200 math circles operating in the United States. The West Coast Math Circle is currently the only math circle active in Puerto Rico.

This event was sponsored by the Ramey Math Team. The next math circle will be hosted by SESO School on November 28.

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