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Public Service Recognition Week is May 4-10, 2014


Honoring Our Public Servants...Connecting Citizens with Their Government

Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW)

Celebrated the first full week in May since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is a time set aside to honor the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees. Throughout the nation and the world, public servants use this occasion to educate others about the work they do and why they have chosen public service careers, as well as the many ways government services make life better for all of us.

From the steps of the Capitol to the smallest towns, public servants will participate in ceremonies, information fairs, parades and other events in their honor. At the same time, they will work to open new avenues of communication with the public about the essential value of government service in sustaining the quality of American life.

Above all, this is a time to stop and thank public servants for their contributions to our nation.

The theme for PSRW 2014 is Proud to Serve. Government employees and leaders alike are encouraged to take the opportunity to communicate the benefits and value of the work they do. This week coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week, National Teachers Day, and School Nurses Day.

Organizers of PSRW

PSRW is organized annually by the Public Employees Roundtable (PER) and its member organizations.

Throughout the country, mayors, governors, agency leaders, communities and public service organizations participate in PSRW by issuing proclamations; hosting award ceremonies and special tribute events; and delivering messages about the value of public service.

Celebration Toolkit - There are many ways to celebrate public servants in your community during Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). Ideas range from sending letters to public employees to organizing a celebration showcasing the work of government agencies in your local area. To help you get started, the Public Employees Roundtable has put together a top 10 celebration suggestions. For the full list of suggestions, please download PDF file.

This online toolkit will help you observe PSRW in a simple, fun, low-cost way while honoring public employees that work so diligently on our behalf every day. Included are resources to help facilitate your participation in PSRW whether you are from a government agency, Federal Executive Board (FEB), military base or school. In particular, these are ideas and tools to help you reach out to your community, educators and the media.

Celebration Guide - A How to Celebrate guide is available.

Social Media

To help spread the word, like us on Facebook and join the conversation on Twitter (#PSRW and #Proud2ServeUSA).

PSRW Teacher's Guide (PDF)

Designed for middle and high school teachers of civics, social studies and American government, the Teacher’s Guide contains projects, games and discussion ideas to get students thinking and talking about government and the responsibilities inherent in citizenship.

Public Service Recognition Week Thunderclap

Join the Partnership for Public Service and the Public Employees Roundtable in giving your support and thanks to our dedicated public servants who give so much to our community and country. Sign up to lend your voice to our Public Service Recognition Week Thunderclap, which will automatically send out a message thanking public servants on Sunday, May 4.

For more information in PSRW website.