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Inspired by the National Education Association (NEA)'s Read Across America Day, on March 2, 2017, students of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools in the United States, Europe and the Pacific will join millions of their peers around the U.S. to "Read Across DoDEA".

The 20th annual NEA Read Across America Day, which celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday and the joys of reading, expects more than 45 million readers, both young and old, to pick up a book and read. Military-connected students and their families will participate in events at DoDEA schools around the world.

DoDEA Director Tom Brady and NEA President Lily Garcia Encourage you to "Grab Your Hat and Read with the Cat"

THEME: "Grab Your Hat and Read with the Cat"


NEA has a number of resources resources and a tool kit to help plan your celebration at:


Teaching students to read is a rewarding experience for teachers. Reading opens the door to the future and provides countless possibilities for succeeding and achieving Involve your entire school community.

  • Don't limit your celebration to the classroom
  • If possible, explore the opportunity to partner with another school in your military or civilian community and come up with a celebration activity.
  • Ask your installation commander to issue a proclamation for Read Across America/Read Across DoDEA.
  • Read on radio or television.  Work with American Forces Network (AFN) or your local commander's access channel (Americas) to arrange a special reading from several students.
  • Have a reader's theater for older students or have older students partner with younger students to read to their buddies.
  • Ask students and parents to spend some time reading together.  Have a reading log for them to complete and students can share their family projects with the class.
  • Host a special event from a favorite book.
  • Make a global/cultural activity.  Choose books with topics or stories set in other cultures.  Make a worldwide reading list with the findings and learn about other people, places and cultures.
  • Invite a guest reader.
  • Watch "Andrew's Adventure", a DoDEA animation featuring military connected kids. Coloring pages of Andrew and his friends can also be downloaded from this page.
  • Share your celebration! Please take digital pictures of Read Across DoDEA activities, to include coloring pages and email them to us at: to be uploaded to our DoDEA website and social media sites.
  • Work closely with military community communities to make Read Across DoDEA a success in all of our schools.  Together we can help make reading part of the foundation for the future of our students and enable them to achieve their highest potential. When we work together as a community to encourage our children to read, as Dr. Seuss once said, "there's no limit to the places we can go."

It's a day for schools across DoDEA to join each other and the nation in celebrating the importance of encouraging literacy for all ages.

DoDEA schools around the world stand firmly committed to promoting reading as the catalyst for our students' future academic success, their preparation for America's jobs of the future, and their ability to compete in a global economy.

Downloadable Art Work from Andrew's Adventure

One Page

Coloring Page One for students to download

One Page

Coloring Page Two for students to download

Seven Pages

Coloring Pages for students to download