WHM Banner for 2020

March is Women’s History Month and we recognize the contributions of women in American history.  Through years of activism and an unwavering commitment to women, the National Women’s History Project successfully lobbied Congress to recognize Women’s History Month and a joint resolution which passed and became Public Law 100-9 on March 12, 1987.

The theme for Women’s History Month 2019 is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence.”  This year women are honored for having led efforts to address inequality – from women’s rights to racial prejudices; combat war and violence – on the battlefield and within our nation; and as agents of change – in the classrooms, as business owners, empowering their sisters, neighbors and peers, and with inspirational slogans, such as “We Can Do It!” on a local, national and worldwide stage. 

Join DoDEA in celebrating the numerous and diverse contributions of women from educators positioned around the globe.