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DoDEA Virtual High School

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

The DoDEA Virtual High School expects all students to abide by ethical academic standards. Academic dishonesty including plagiarism, cheating or copying the work of another, using technology for illicit purposes, or any unauthorized communication between students for the purpose of gaining advantage during an examination is strictly prohibited. These expectations apply to all school-related tests, quizzes, reports, class assignments, and projects, both in and out of class.

In an online environment, plagiarism and cheating is one of the greatest concerns in regards to student achievement. Whether intentional or not, the use of other people's work is a violation of the DoDEA Virtual High School's policy of Academic Integrity and can result in severe consequences.

You are encouraged to work with your peers through the use of interactive technologies such as Instant Messaging, Discussion Boards, and DoDEA Student Google Applications as needed. However, note that any obvious signs of cheating or copying will result in an administrative referral and a zero for the assignment.