Department of Defense Education Activity

Role of the Facilitator/Mentor

Student and Facilitator

In addition to interacting with your online instructor, a facilitator/mentor provides monitoring as needed to ensure student success and serves as a liaison between the online teacher and student.

Facilitators provide support by:

  • Encouraging students to communicate with instructors, to stay on task, and to meet course deadlines.
  • Communicating with DVHS instructor(s), local administration and counselors regarding student status (i.e. extended absences or illness, extenuating circumstances, withdrawal).
  • Being located in the same classroom/area where students are participating in coursework via computers.
  • Monitoring DVHS student progress via grade reports and take an interest in the student's progress in the course.
  • Proctoring assessments to include tests and exams.
  • Liaising with parents and communicate as appropriate to DVHS staff.
  • Providing limited technical assistance as appropriate and coordinate with Educational Technologists (local and DVHS) as needed.