Department of Defense Education Activity
Online Summer School Program

DVHS's Online Summer High School Program is designed for students to complete the equivalent of one semester course credit. The program provides students an opportunity to earn original credit or to replace a failing grade.

Summer School 2019 Course Offerings (Coming soon!)


  • Eligibility is limited to students enrolled in grades 9-12 in the current school year.


The registration period generally runs from April to mid-June prior to the beginning of the online summer school classes.

  • Requests for online summer high school courses must be submitted through the DVHS Summer School Workflow in the SIS.
  • Confirmation of enrollment is provided to the local school counselor through the workflow process.
  • Upon receipt of confirmation, the local school counselor is responsible for informing students and sponsor of their enrollment status, obtaining signatures for the Online Summer School Student Agreement and reviewing applicable DoDEA summer school guidance published each year.
  • Local schools must provide a completed copy of a student's active IEP or 504 Plan to by the last day of registration, for review by the DVHS Special Education staff to ensure that students will receive appropriate accommodations and/or modifications.

Course Selection

Students generally enroll in only one semester course during the summer program. In limited circumstances, authorization for students to enroll concurrently in two semester courses is provided based upon need, course availability, and pre-approval by the DoDEA local school principal and the DVHS principal. Courses requiring sequential mastery, such as mathematics and foreign language, cannot be enrolled concurrently. Final course offerings will be subject to minimum course enrollments.


  • The Online Summer School Program consists of sixty hours of instruction spread over approximately six-weeks. The program generally begins mid-June and ends the first week of August.
  • It is compatible with the majority of the DoDEA high school calendars.
  • Considerations are made for students enrolled in the DoDEA Americas schools, which begin prior to the end of the summer school.
  • Requests for course schedule extensions may not be granted.

Student Responsibilities

Because students will be participating in the Online Summer School Program away from the local school environment, students must have access to a computer at home or another location with a stable internet connection for the entire length of the program. Students should also plan to devote, at a minimum, two to four hours each day (Monday-Friday) throughout the term. This dedicated time is necessary to allow students to be fully engaged in learning activities, submit assignments, and complete coursework.

Course Withdrawal

Requests for withdrawal from a summer school course must be submitted to the summer school email address provided on the student's enrollment letter within five days of the start of the course ( ).

  • Any enrolled student deemed inactive after the third day of the start of a course will be withdrawn by the DVHS staff.
  • Re-enrollment in an online summer school course after the start of a course is subject to DVHS administrative approval.
  • Any student deemed active beyond the fifth day of a course will receive an official grade on his or her transcript.
  • Any student who withdraws between the 6th and 10th day will receive a grade of WP or WF.
  • No withdrawals will be processed after the 10th day of class.


DVHS is the official owner of all grade data associated with a DVHS course.

  • Only authorized DVHS employees can create or edit official DVHS transcripts.
  • Student transcripts are updated and posted in the SIS within 15 days of the end of the summer school session.