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Summative Assessments

Greetings Virtual School Parents,

DoDEA is focused on ensuring that we continue to provide options for students to participate in DoDEA-CAS assessments in SY20-21. These options have been reviewed for considerations for test design, purpose, and implementation procedures as well as guidelines and protocols for establishing and maintaining safe school environments that reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus spread. It is important for us to track academic achievement of all students even during these challenging times. Many of our Virtual School students have received dates and times for their upcoming summative assessments from their brick and mortar schools. Students are highly encouraged to take the summative assessments at their local brick and mortar school. DVS teachers will provide students extended time to complete assignments or excuse them from those assignments (while they are testing). By having our students take these assessments, DoDEA will be able to track progress and direct resources as needed. 

The DoDEA Virtual School thanks you for your continued support.

The Virtual School

Summer School

The DoDEA Virtual High School 2021 Summer School program will begin June 18 and end on July 29. 

Summer School registration dates for full-time virtual option students are April 19 - May 10. Registration will be open for all others May 17 - June 14.

Summer registration is open first for those DVS full-time virtual option students who took 5 or fewer classes in school year 2020-21 and need a credit to stay on grade level. Summer school registrations will be initiated by the local brick and mortar school counselor. 

If a summer school student is planning on being absent for any time this summer, for example, for a family vacation or a camp, please contact the DVS administration at or by phone at 703-630-1990 before beginning the class.  We are located on MCB Quantico in Virginia in the EDT time zone.

Getting Started

  • Contact local DoDEA school to request courses and receive student Google email account & password.
  • Following course enrollment, access materials through our Learning Management System, Schoology..  Use Google email account to login.

DVS Help Desk Request

Use this form to request technical support. The first available Educational Technologist will respond.

DoDEA Virtual School

DoDEA Virtual School (DVS) provides interactive and engaging instruction that prepares students to learn, work, and serve a global society. DVS is comprised of these programs: Virtual Option K-12, DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) Supplemental, DVHS Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program (E2P2), Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP), and the Domestic Transition Program. 

  • The DVS Virtual Option offers full-time virtual school enrollment for students in grades K-12 as a temporary, emergency response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and has allowed families with health vulnerabilities an option to receive a great education from their homes, while safely opening schools for those who prefer in-person instruction. This full-time virtual option will be available for a limited number of DoDEA students with a medical need in SY 2021-22. Students in grades K-8 take the four core courses (math, science, social studies, and language arts) plus one special/elective. High school students take 5 or 6 courses and may need to take summer school courses to stay on track to graduate. 
  • DoDEA Virtual High School is a fully accredited DoDEA high school that provides online asynchronous courses with synchronous support by full-time DoDEA certified teachers. All courses are aligned to DoDEA College and Career Readiness Standards. The DVHS supports high school students in multiple ways:  a supplemental program to students currently enrolled in a worldwide DoDEA school,  the DVHS Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program (E2P2), the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP), the Domestic Transition Program, and current DoDEA high school students taking a course in the summer

For eligibility requirements for DVS, please visit the DoDEA Eligibility page.

From Around DoDEA

Decision Day

Decision Day

April 27, 2021 Celebrate Decision Day on May 3rd – the day when DoDEA high-school seniors announce what they’ll be pursuing after graduation.

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DoDEA Virtual School
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DoDEA Mission

To Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

DVHS Vision

To provide interactive and engaging instruction that prepares students to learn, work, and serve a global society.

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