Department of Defense Education Activity

DoDEA VS: Local School Support

The DVS Virtual Option is unable to provide direct enrollment into its program. All students must remain registered and enrolled in their local DoDEA school. The student's local school will provide support for services and areas noted below, though this list may not be inclusive. 

Laptops, Chromebooks, and Student Email Accounts

mother and son with computer

DVS Virtual Option students require a laptop or Chromebook to participate, as tablets and phones will provide only limited access to the course and its assignments. If a computer or Chromebook is not available, please contact the student's local school for the equipment necessary to participate in the virtual option program.

If you choose to use your own laptop or Chromebook from home, you will find a list of technical requirements here.

Please note: DoDEA Educational Technologists and the help desk are unable to provide students who use their home computers with hardware and software support that is not directly related to the DoDEA curriculum.

Upon registration in their local school, students receive a DoDEA student email account. For information concerning that account, please contact the student's local school.

Additional Support Provided by the Local School

Please contact the local school if you have questions about the topics listed below:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Lunch
  • Library and database services
  • Laptop or Chromebook checkout or repairs
  • DoDEA email information and passwords
  • Guidance/counseling services
  • Records and transcripts 
  • Immunizations/health records/physicals
  • Internet Agreement Form
  • PCS withdrawals/transfers

If you are unsure if your local school or DVS needs to handle an issue/concern, please put a request into the DVS Technical Help Desk and, if the DVS ETs are not able to assist, they will refer you to the appropriate staff at your local school.