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Entering Graduation Status Information

Graduation status information is kept within the student record, on the Graduation Status Information template.

To Add Graduation Status Information

  1. Click the Student top tab.
  2. Search for the student by using Ctrl+F or Ctrl-I and typing in the name, or using the page pull-down list.
  3. Select the student by clicking the check box next to the student name. Graduation Status Information
  4. Click on the Details side tab.
  5. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the drop down menu for the templates list.
  6. Click on the Graduation Status Information template.
  7. Enter the information below:
    Graduation Status Information template
    1. Enter the Graduation Status (e.g., Graduated, Not Graduated). Select 'Graduated' only when the student will earn the diploma. Select Not Graduated , for students who have not yet met all requirements for receipt of the standard diploma, and proceed to step g .
    2. Enter the Diploma Type (e.g., Standard, Honors, or International Baccalaureate).
    3. Enter the Date Diploma Earned (Leave blank for students who have not graduated).
    4. If an Exception to Graduation Requirement was granted enter the appropriate information.
    5. For Student with Disabilities (mild-moderate) with a course substitution; enter the Course Substituted for the Course Required .
    6. For Students with Disabilities (moderate-severe-profound): Meeting IEP Graduation Plan Requirements for Receipt of Standard Diploma , select the appropriate checkbox.
    7. For *Students with a "Not Graduated" status , complete the Not Graduated section:
    1. Enter the Requirement Not Met . (e.g., requisite course, minimum course credits, GPA)
    2. Enter the Graduation Plan (how the requirement(s) will be met, e.g., Virtual High School summer session)
    3. Enter the Anticipated Graduation Date .
  8. Click Save.
*Note for students who are not receiving a diploma: Upon completion of the requirements for receipt of the standard diploma, update the graduation status, diploma type, and date to reflect the date the diploma was subsequently earned.