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Student Health Module

DoDEA recognizes that student health records are distinct from other educational records. As with the issues surrounding educational records, DoDEA also recognizes its responsibility in regard to the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of student health records and the protection of the privacy rights of students as governed by the Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Records Act. The following tip sheets outline the directions for entering student health information and follows all regulations regarding the protection and privacy of parents and students and are consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act. Under this provision, a student's health records are classified as private data and as such will be distributed only to parties with a need-to-know basis.

These documents can be used to quickly enter student health data from the student health history form into X2 Aspen.

504 Accommodations Plan
This module is aligned with DoDEA policy for the provision of Section 504 accommodations for students with disabilities as prescribed in DoDEA Administrative Instruction (AI) 2500.14, Nondiscrimination and 504 Accommodations on the Basis of Disability in DoDEA Conducted Education Programs and Activities, April 23, 2012.
The attendance module is used to record all student school attendance data to include absence and tardy. All DoDEA schools are expected to take daily (elementary) and period (secondary) student attendance and to develop local procedures for recording student attendance data.
Beginning Year 2013 -2014
DoDEA: Beginning of School Year Procedures SY 2013/14
Creating Queries and Snapshots
SIS Guide: Creating Queries and Snapshots
CTE Endorsement Information
SIS Guide: CTE Endorsement information is kept in a student record in Event information of Aspen.
Editing Student ESL Information
Procedures for adding and editing student ESL Information in the SIS
ESL Information
Procedures for entering ESL Information in the SIS
ESL Student Data Access
Procedures for entering ESL Student Data Access in the SIS
Filtering Data
SIS Guide: Using the Filter, Field Sets, and Sort Order Menus
Graduation Status Information
SIS Guide: Graduation status information is kept within the student record, on the Graduation Status Information template.
New user Basic Navigation
Student Information System User Guide, Basic Navigation Section
Post Secondary Information
Procedures for entering Post Secondary Information in the SIS
Scholarship and Financial Aid
Procedures for entering Scholarship Information in the SIS
Set Repeat Course Procedure
The “Set Repeat Course” procedure is run from the student’s transcript record. This procedure updates the transcript record and annotates the repeated course by assigning a # sign before the course title and removing the potential and earned credit associated with the course. This procedure must be used when a student repeats a non-repeatable course.
Shortcut Keys
listing of shortcut keys that will work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs.
SIS Guide Main css
Special Education Management System
PDF file for Special Education Module
Special Education Module
The DoDEA Special Education User Guide is designed to assist all special education personnel in the management of confidential student information.
SPED End of School Year Checklist
SIS Guide: Spot check Aspen database for duplicates/inconsistencies
Students Needing Codes
Procedures for entering Students Needing Codes in the SIS
Updating your Password
SIS Guide: Updating your Password
Year End Procedures
SIS End of School Year Procedures SY 2012/13