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PC Shortcut Keys

The below basic shortcut keys are a listing of shortcut keys that will work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs. It is highly recommended that all users keep a good reference of the below short cut keys and/or try to memorize the below keys. Doing so will dramatically increase your productivity.

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl + A Select all text.
Ctrl + X Cut selected item.
Ctrl + C Copy selected item.
Ctrl + Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
Home Goes to beginning of current line.
Ctrl + Home Goes to beginning of document.
End Goes to end of current line.
Ctrl + End Goes to end of document.
Ctrl + Left arrow Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl + Right arrow Moves one word to the right at a time.
Alt + Tab Switch between two open screens
Tab Move forward through the options
Arrow Keys Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons.

Shortcuts in X2ASPEN

  • Click on the "Student" tab on the horizontal tool bar for a list of students in your school.
  • If sorted by student name - hold down the CTRL + F key to type in the last name of a student you are looking for.
  • Click on the empty box next to a student name and then choose the desired "side-tab" on the vertical tool bar to open student information without opening the student demographics page.
  • Use the "TAB" key to navigate an open screen.
  • Navigate a dialogue box with the down arrow by typing the first letter of the word you want.
  • Navigate a dialogue box with the "magnifying glass" by typing the first letter. Use the arrow keys to move up and down the list. BE SURE to "hit" the enter key to save the selected option.