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Special Education End of School Year Checklist


  1. Spot check Aspen database for duplicates/inconsistencies
  2. Document and enter Pando tickets as needed
  3. Prepare documentation of ongoing issues/questions and report to HQ
  4. Work with Area SIS to create Area/District filters as needed
  5. Provide feedback regarding training needs to HQ

District Sped ISS

  1. Request a list of any changes needed on ACTIVE IEPs from service providers (names of service provider, case manager, dates etc.). Some changes can be made as mass updates.
  2. Document any inconsistencies in case load reports/meeting date reports and notify service providers for clarification.
  3. Build caseloads for new service providers/case managers.
  4. Check schools' databases for duplicate workflows/inaccuracies.
  5. Review filtered lists for missing case managers or other data and contact school for information to update.
  6. Check progress report section for duplications/additions and delete any unnecessary ones.

Case Study Committee Chair

  1. Ensure that students who left are marked previous in the IEP tab and exited in the Student tab. Also, remove the "Receives specialized services" check mark in School View.
  2. Send message to district SIS to have any new staff entered in Aspen.
  3. Print service provider caseloads and notify district SPED coordinator of changes to be made in Aspen to service providers and/or case managers.
  4. Run final caseloads.
  5. Run annual/triennial reports.
  6. Check with School Registrar to place a 'flag' on student electronic SIS files who have an IEP (receiving specialized services)
  7. Remove the "receives specialized services" check box in Aspen Core.