Employee of the Quarter Third Qtr 2019

Shane Cox Photo

Mr. Shane Cox

Information Technology Specialist, Headquarters

Employee of the Quarter

July - Sept 2019

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As an Information Technology Specialist, Shane Cox sets the pace for IT Customer Support and embodies the characteristics that reflect great credit upon DoDEA. He leads by example, setting the standard for excellent customer support and provides IT expertise to his peers across the CSS team. He is a natural team player and fosters a teamwork oriented work environment that embodies the “win or lose as a team” culture.

Mr. Cox contributed to a substantial amount of success by working a few key initiatives outside of his regular assigned duties. In all cases, he was commended for his work by Principals, Teachers, and co-workers. Shane provided customer support to West Point where his contributions to a successful startup of the school year were so significant, IT leadership received daily praise from the Principals at both of the schools he was supporting. He was praised as an amazing asset to DoDEA. In addition to deploying all of the computers, he followed up with each and every teacher individually to ensure they had the access to all essentials to start the school year.

Mr. Cox was also part of the compliance team that underwent a Command CyberReadiness Inspection. As the subject matter expert, he reviewed DoDEA workstations for compliance during the Inspection. A manual review of 280 Security Technical Implementation Guides resulted in no critical findings identified during the Windows OS review. His contributions to the team were significant as he helped the team by raising their score from 44% the previous year to 73.4% this year with a very short preparation time.

Shane spent extensive hours working with Hewlett Packard (HP) to identify issues and potential solutions to the issues customers were experiencing with HP life-cycle computers. He was commended by Information Technology Project Management Office for his support of this program. He coordinated and supported a site visit from HP to Peachtree City which gave HP an up-close look at the issues being experienced by DoDEA. This visit provided significant progress to resolve issues going on in the field.

Mr. Cox’s sustained excellence, attentiveness to his customers, and commitment to his team bring great credit upon himself, DoDEA, and the Department of Defense.