Department of Defense Education Activity

Student Academic Profile Report

How to print the DoDEA Student Academic Profile report
  1. Click on the Student top tab.

    select DoDEA Student Academic Profile
  2. Search for and Select the appropriate students by clicking the checkbox next to their name.
  3. Go to the Options menu and choose Show selected .
  4. The selection of students will appear.
  5. On the Reports menu select DoDEA Student Academic Profile .
  6. A pop-up window will appear:

    A pop-up window appears

    1. For Students to Include - Select either Current Selection , All Students , YOG , or Snapshot . Current Selection reflects the student list.  All students prints all students. YOG prints a specific Year of Graduation. Snapshot reflects a snapshot of students.
    2. For Search Value - Enter the appropriate search value that reflects the selection of students included.
    3. For Academic Years - Select either All years or Current year.
    4. For Assessment Years - Select either All years or Current year.
    5. Check to Display Awards that a student has received.
    6. Check to Display Services that the student is enrolled in.
    7. For Sort Students By - Select the appropriate sort order.
    8. Select the appropriate Format .
  7. Click Run

This Report may take a few minutes to run. A job queue window should appear with the status of your report. When the report is finished you can click on the Finished link for the report to appear.