Department of Defense Education Activity

Europe Student Academic Activities - Social Studies and Leadership

DoDEA-Europe Student Academic Activities offers supports several events that support Social Studies and Leadership curriculum. These include:

  • JLS (Junior Leadership Seminar)
  • Model Senate
  • MUN (Model United States Senate)

Student cost: 250€ covers lodging, meals and materials.

Junior Leadership Seminar
Grades 6-7

Junior Leadership Seminar is a 6-day event designed to identify and develop leadership skills for use in school. Interactive workshops and games are make the learning fun! JLS is held in Oberwesel, Germany in October.

Student registration: 250 € covers lodging, meals, and a t-shirt.

Model Senate
Grades 9-12

MUSS is a unique simulation of the American congressional process in the United States Senate. High school students are assigned to play the roles of senators and other senior members of government. This event is currently hosted in Wiesbaden, Germany in March. A registration fee of 250€ covers the cost of lodging, meals and materials.

Model United Nations
Grades 10-12

While Model United Nations is not a DoDEA-organized program, DoDEA-Europe does support high school attendance by funding travel for a team of 18 from each of its high schools to attend MUN in Prague, the UK, or Turkey (whichever is geographically closest). At MUN, students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. MUN participation is managed by each of the three districts in DoDEA-Europe: East, South, and West. Cost of participation varies by location.