Department of Defense Education Activity

If your entitlement for DoDEA requires that you pay tuition, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the "Late Enrollment/Early Withdrawal Policies" found below before you proceed with the enrollment process. If your entitlement is also space-available you should read DoDEA regulation 1030.1 (Space-Available Eligibility Requirements for Education of Minor Dependents in Overseas Areas, September 20, 2006), and sign the appropriate consent form found at the back of the regulation. The regulation can be found in the Documents and Forms section of the "Enrollment" website area.

Tuition Rates and Schedules

Tuition rates are based on the employment status of the parent. Parents should contact their local school to find out the tuition rate that applies for their children, and the requirements for enrollment. Additional information can be found with our Enrollment and Registration information.

School Year Tuition Rates

These tuition rates apply to non-DoD students attending our schools:

Category Federally Connected Nonfederally Connected
PSCD and Sure Start Programs $11,148 $11,508
Full Day Kindergarten and Grades 1 - 6 $22,296 $23,016
Grades 7 - 8 $23,472 $24,228
Grades 9 - 12 $24,648 $25,440

Tuition rates are computed using the full cost recovery methodology in compliance with Government Accountability Office guidelines.


Tuition-Payment Procedures Instructions - is the convenient and fast way to make secure electronic payments to Federal Government Agencies. Many common forms of payment are accepted. Including credit cards, debit cards and direct debit.

The school administration should have confirmed your eligibility, which governs the payments methods that is afforded to you. If the school administration has confirmed that you qualify to participate in payment of the tuition costs for your dependent(s) through the Central Billing Program, you must provide a Central Billing Authorization Letter (CBL) before your dependent(s) can start school. The school registrar/tuition clerk can provide you with a copy of our Central Billing Letter Format, DSE Form 804. This is the only letter format acceptable. No other letter will be accepted, and your dependent may not attend school until a proper letter is provided.

If your agency or you elect not to participate in the Central billing program the tuition is to be paid before your dependent(s) can start classes, and after that on the first day of each semester or quarter, and in accordance with the procedures outlined below:

Ask the registrar or cashier to tell you the amount of tuition now due. The minimum amount payable is the balance of the current semester. If for some reason you are unable to pay by the semester you may request to make payments by the quarter. Before quarterly payments are made you must request it in witting (writing) explaining the circumstance and the request must go through the school to their District Office for determination. The District office must approve the request before quarterly payments are made.

Present the school CASHIER (not the registrar) with a US dollar personal check, a certified bank check, or a money order which is made payable to Treasurer of the United States-DSSN 5570, in the exact amount provided to you by the registrar or cashier. Checks made out in any other manner will not be accepted. Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances. Currently we do not have electronic funds transfer capability nor do we accept credit cards as a method of payment.

Return to the registrar with the receipt given you by the cashier, and present it to the registrar. When the registrar is finished with the receipt, it will be returned to you for your records. The registration process is complete once this is done.

U.S. Contractors

If your agencies U.S. contract or your ID card expires during the school year your eligibility category will change and you will not be covered under the CBL (if applicable), and the amount of tuition will increase. It is your responsibility to keep your employment information current. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the suspension of educational services of your family member(s) at the end of the affected quarter.

Return Check Policy

All returned checks must be redeemed through a bank check or money order within 2 school days of notification or the student will be withdrawn. If your bank is responsible for the check being returned please present a letter from you banking institution in order to pay by personnel (personal) check.

Late Enrollment / Early Withdrawal Policies

The following summary is provided for your information. If you do not understand any part of it, please ask the registrar or school officials for clarification.

Late Enrollments: A reduction in tuition is given for enrollments, which occur after the third or sixth week of a school quarter. The amount of the reduction represents 3 weeks and 6 weeks of tuition respectively. No other discounts or reductions are possible.

Early-Permanent Withdrawals: Attendance of one day during the quarter requires payment for the entire quarter. If a student withdraws permanently (i.e., for the remainder of the school year) only the portion of the semester's tuition attributable to the second or fourth quarter is refundable. For example: Tuition paid in advance for first semester and student withdraws during the first quarter, only the second quarter is refundable. In the same example, if the full year were paid, the second semester would also be refundable.

The only exception to the above mentioned refund policy would be if the student were withdrawn at the school's request. In this case, a refund would be prorated based upon the end of the last week of actual attendance.

The processing of a refund is predicated on the initial collection clearing the sponsor's account (for personnel (personal) checks). This process requires approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The process can be shortened if you provide a copy of the negotiated check or bank statement reflecting the check clearing the account.

Refunds will be made only to the individual or organization that made the original payment, and upon that individual's or organization's written request that includes a mailing address for the check.