DoDEA Europe operates 64 schools in 3 Districts located in 8 countries across 4 time zones. There are nearly 900,000 military connected children of all ages worldwide, of which nearly 25,000 are enrolled in DoDEA Europe schools and served by thousands of teachers and educational aides. All schools within DoDEA are fully accredited by U.S. accreditation agencies.

Find Your School

School Name Community Phone Number Fax Number
Kaiserslautern MS Kaiserslautern Community Schools 0611-143545-1325
Kleine Brogel ES Kleine Brogel Community Schools +32 011-79-2527 +32 (0)1179-3091
Lakenheath ES Lakenheath Community Schools 44-1638-52-3721 44-1638-53-3943
Lakenheath HS Lakenheath Community Schools +44-1638-52-3115/3116 +44-1638-53-3073
Lakenheath MS Lakenheath Community Schools 44-01638-52-7007
Landstuhl ES Kaiserslautern Community Schools +49 611-143-545-1700
Liberty IS Lakenheath Community Schools +44-1638-52-2330
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