Department of Defense Education Activity

Welcome to Kaiserslautern High School! You are going to love this school! We look forward to an excellent school year focusing on academic achievement and personal development. The information in this handbook has been prepared to familiarize you with our educational programs and operational
procedures. We urge you to carefully review this information as a family and keep it available for reference during the school year. Our school has enjoyed a long, proud history of academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and exemplary character development. I am looking forward to continuing many of the “Raider” traditions. I hope that we can work together to make sure that each and every student maintains the high academic standards that our school has enjoyed. Our faculty and staff are here to assist you in reaching your academic goals. We have a wonderful school where each student is valued and supported.

The administration, faculty, and staff are set on delivering a quality education to each of our high school students. We are committed to implementing the very best practices from the research on effective schools. High school teachers work together in academies to guarantee a curriculum that meets the needs of all students. Students also find many opportunities to develop their interests and abilities. A wide range of programs is offered to expand the students’ physical, cultural, and intellectual development. We realize the importance of attitude and self-respect; therefore, we focus on character education as well.

Kaiserslautern High School is fully accredited by AdvancED. Approximately 700 students are enrolled in grades 9-12. The year consists of two semesters with a total of about 183 instructional days. As a
Department of Defense Education Activity School (DoDEA), our educational program generally exceeds the standards of stateside schools. School policies have been designed to provide the best possible learning environment. The combination of fully qualified educators, a strong DoDEA curriculum, and our policies and procedures have enabled us to gain and maintain full accreditation from the AdvancED.

Students: We hope that you will become actively involved in our school’s activities and special programs. You will soon find that there is much to do here. Your teachers will get to know you quickly and will help you to be happy and successful at Kaiserslautern High School.

Parents: Think of this as a community school. Your input is essential for our continued growth. The door is open to you any time you want to ask a question or raise a concern. We invite you to spend time with us so that you get to know the school. We encourage you to come in and lend a hand. Join the PTO, SAC, and School Improvement Team, or volunteer at school. By working together, we can continue to make Kaiserslautern High School a great place for students and parents.

We welcome you to KHS and look forward to working with you!

Jason James