Department of Defense Education Activity

Welcome to Lester Middle School!

The Lester Middle School Community is committed to striving for student academic achievement through individual and collaborative work, fostering student self-worth by emphasizing social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs, and developing student potential to become productive and valued members of a global society..

The faculty of Lester Middle School recognizes the intrinsic worth of every student and the right of each student to develop self-respect, self-understanding, and self-confidence. We believe that our students should have an optimal environment for developing patriotism, citizenship, and intellectual and moral values consistent with our society. We recognize the diverse nature of our society, with respect to a wide variety of races, cultures, religious and social groupings and believe that our students must have the opportunity to develop an understanding of their roles within this complex society. The faculty believes that our students should have maximum opportunities to develop competency in basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, so that they can openly express original ideas while maintaining their integrity and respect for others. We recognize the values of creative and critical thinking and the benefits of independent development. We believe in developing the character qualities and command of social skills necessary to live a self-fulfilling life that displays responsible behavior. The faculty recognizes the requirements of an ever-changing society and the need for a citizenry that is capable to adapting to new and different demands.