Department of Defense Education Activity

M.C. Perry ES: College and Career Readiness

What is CCR?

College and Career Readiness or CCR is defined as a "college-ready" student who is academically prepared post-secondary education without the need for remedial coursework. DoDEA also recognizes that not all students interested in college so students are given options though out their school years that will prepare a student for a career out side of school with all of the necessary knowledge and technical skills need for employment in their desired field of study or interest.

CCR isn't limited to grades 9-12, but all age levels. Working in the elementary school setting, teachers are focused on teaching students those basic skills that build a solid foundation for the rest of their educational career.  Discussions about college and a professional career come up randomly, but this is not usually the focus of educators working with 6-year-old kids.

Links below to help understand DoDEA's role in CCR:

DoDEA College and Career Ready link