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2012 DoDEA Students Participate in RSI Program

For Immediate Release — April 27, 2012 | HQ
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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — April 27, 2012 — Three Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) students will attend the prestigious 29th Annual Research Science Institute (RSI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this summer.

The three students that will attend the program are:


Bryce Kaw-uh

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Devan Tisdale

Devan Tisdale

  • Bryce Kaw-uh, Incirlik Unit School, Mediterranean District
  • Paul Mitchell, AFNORTH International School, Isles District
  • Devan Tisdale, Wiesbaden High School, Heidelberg District

All three students attend DoDEA schools in Europe.

Each summer, 80 of the world's most accomplished high school students gather at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the Research Science Institute (RSI). RSI is a summer science & engineering program that combines on-campus course work in scientific theory with off-campus work in science and technology research.

Participants experience the entire research cycle from start to finish. They read the most current literature in their field, draft and execute a detailed research plan, and deliver conference-style oral and written reports on their findings. (Source: RSI)

Principals from each of the three DoDEA students selected had high prose for their students.

Dr. Terry Greene, principal of Incirlik Unit School, offered congratulations to Kaw-uh. "We're so proud of Bryce! He honors our school with this achievement." Dr. Greene said. "He is the perfect combination of scholar, scientist, collaborator, and leader. Congratulations to Bryce and his family!"

Dr. Gloria M. Hajat, Principal AFNORTH International School praised Paul Mitchell on his selection. "You have been selected among a superior group of students, who have distinguished themselves in mathematics, science, and engineering. Your hard work and dedication to your academic studies is truly admirable."

Sharon O'Donnell, principal of Wiesbaden High School, extended her congratulations to Tisdale. "On behalf of Wiesbaden High School I would like to extend congratulations to Devan on his acceptance to the RIS program! This is a well deserved honor."

O'Donnell said. "This opportunity will shape his future in ways beyond his imagination. We are very proud of Devan!"

From June 24 through August 4, 2012, the three DoDEA students will join77 of their peers from across the nation by participating in college-level classes taught by professors from leading American universities. During the first week of the six-week program, participants are involved in extensive Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) classes to enhance their research skills. Over the course of five weeks students are engaged in a research internship, working under the close mentorship of top scientists and researchers on individual projects. During the last week of the program, each student prepares a written and oral presentation of their project.

Students interested in participating in RSI next summer should talk with school officials to find out more about submitting an application. More details will be available later in the year on DoDEA's website

To learn more about RSI visit the CEE's website.

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